Questions To Ask Before Employing Roof Repairs In Sydney

If you are someone in need of a contractor for roof repairs in Sydney, make it a habit of yours to ask the necessary questions to the contractor that you’re talking to right now because it will enable you to hire the right contractor that will fix your roof-related problems. Below are just some of them:

  • Are you licensed? – This is the most important question you should before hiring a contractor that excels in roof repairs in Sydney. Basically, hiring a licensed contractor will ensure customers that the contractor which they hired is up to the job and is licensed to operate to begin with. Also, do make sure that the license of the contractor is up to date by checking with the local licensing agency in your state.
  • Do you have a workman’s compensation insurance? – This will give the customers a peace of mind that in any unfortunate case that any of the repairmen gets injured while working up there on your roof, the contractor will be responsible and will be the only one who will take care of all medical expenses of the injured workers.
  • Do you have a liability insurance? – This is basically about ensuring the clients that if any of the workers cause unfortunate damage to your property while they are fixing your roof, the contractor will be held liable for whatever damage and the contractor will cover all of the needed expenses in repairing or replacing whatever that has been damaged.
  • Will you use tools to ensure that my gutters will be protected when you are working? – It’s important the contractor will have their repairmen use tools such as ladders and stabilizers to ensure that the gutter system of your house will remain intact until the completion of the said repair works in the roof.
  • How long is the warranty period of the new roof if repair work means replacing my roof? – If there’s a need to repair your old roof, there’s should be an accompanied warranty along with the new roof that will be installed. The warranty should last for at least 25 years.