Ribbons For My Wedding Decor

The planning and preparations for a wedding can be challenging particularly if you do not hire a wedding coordinator. I have prepared myself both emotionally and physically to see to all the wedding preparations along with the help of some of my closest friends. There isn’t so much money to spare for wedding décor and we decided on using ribbons – various colors of ribbons that will provide the “Wow” factor.

I stumbled across www.ribbons.com while I was browsing the web and it became obvious that I would be saving lots of money if I were to use their inexpensive assortment of fabric ribbons. Ribbons can easily transform an otherwise straightforward design and it would save me from buying too many flowers to adorn the church and the reception area.

Since I solved the problems of décor, I need to prepare myself with other challenges. My maid of honor is somehow on the heavy side and she does not want to show too much skin. I guess I have to find another option so that everybody will be comfortable. Perhaps, she will be agreeable to flimsy wrap with satin ribbon sewn on the edges over a strapless gown to compliment our wedding theme. Compromising now will minimize all frustrations of having an unhappy maid of honor during my wedding way.

My wedding dress is all-white with simple embroidery on the hemline. I want it to be subtle because I want to wear the jewelry given my future mother in law. The jewelry is very gorgeous but it needs a plain background for emphasis. However, my sister insists that white does not become my skin tone. I don’t want to end up arguing but after all this is my wedding and I like to wear white. Of course there is makeup to improve my looks.

I guess I am lucky for having found a man who is so magnanimous. His attitude has certainly relieved me of all the stresses of wedding preparation. So many people are volunteering and though it seems like a blessing, it isn’t. I do not want to be selfish but this is my wedding and I insist to do it my way.