Storage Options For Cremation Urns

There are two usual ways to let go of a deceased loved one’s ashes; one is to spread the ashes on a preferred spot such as the mountains, river or by the sea. Family members can also opt to keep the cremation urns inside the house to keep the remains closer to them. For those who opt to bury the urn or float the urn along the water, a biodegradable urn is the most suitable option for them. On the other hand, those who want to keep the cremation urn inside the house should go for a more sturdy material such as bonze or special metals.  Other storage options for cremation urns include the following:


A columbarium is usually found in church or cemeteries. It is a freestanding structure with niches or compartments where urns with ashes are permanently placed by the deceased’s family or loved ones. Some family members place photos of the deceased and other mementos on the niche to personalize the compartment. Columbaria are also placed inside mausoleums especially among Catholics.


Another storage option for cremation urns is mausoleum. It is where human remains are entombed inside a crypt. A mausoleum is like a columbarium but mausoleums require bigger space for storage and they are more expensive than a columbarium.

Memorial rock       

Another way to keep cremation urns is by burying it in a cremation plot or even in a regular plot. Most cemeteries allow free burial of cremation urns when buried in a burial plot of a family member. If you are going to bury an urn, choose a biodegradable urn to allow it to decompose naturally.  Place a memorial rock or grave marker on top of the tomb to commemorate the life of a loved one.

Convert to diamonds

One of the ways to store the ashes of loved ones is by converting the ashes into diamonds or glass. This method is already gaining popularity because of its aesthetic appeal. The ashes are primarily transformed into a glass and this molten glass is fused with cremated ashes thereby creating a diamond that family members can wear.