Thailand Nightlife – All-Night Party In Bangkok

Apart from Thailand’s street food, another popular reason for travelers to visit Thailand is Bangkok’s nightlife. In fact, nightlife in Thailand is one of the aspects of entertainment that is most talked about. After spending the whole day shopping, you can relax at one of Thailand’s all-night bars and bond with the locals over a few bottles of beer.

Tourists who love the night life can be go partying all night long; however, locals who have to work the following day often limit their enjoyment to a few hours. Locals do party all night during the weekends when they do not have to worry about work. After enjoying a tasty dinner, you can sort of merge into the party. It may come as a surprise to many but in Thailand night clubs, there is no discrimination. No matter your gender, religious orientation or social status, you are always welcome to participate in the fun.

Because Thailand is located in the tropical zone, it is acceptable to wear flip flops and shorts or jeans and sandals. Clubs that cater to backpackers and tourists do not require a particular mode of dress except for the more prestigious ones that cater to the affluent wherein cocktail dresses, long pants and closed shoes are the norm.

Not all bars and clubs remain open all night. There are those that stay open until 12 midnight or 2am meaning you can start partying at about 10 or 11 pm and still have fun for a few hours. Partying usually involves an authentic Thai dinner accompanied by either beer or Thai whiskey and soda water. Western music is popular in most Thai bars and clubs. I am absolutely sure that you are familiar with the pop music, latest rock hits and hip hop played by local bands. However, for a more traditional experience, try the karaoke bars that play old hits while you are drinking liquor.

Thailand Nightlife can be enjoyed in Bangkok as well as Phuket and Pattaya. If you want a different kind of fun, connect with locals through your mobile to enjoy a unique after dark experience.