The Basics Of Gift Wrapping

Every artsy person is definitely familiar with Paper Mart – the go-to place of anyone who’s got packaging concerns while taking into great consideration a well-crafted design. The company is known to be the largest and most complete packaging store for over 90 years now. Providing a wide and great selection of ribbons, tapes, boxes, and other things that one is likely to need in his or her packaging dilemma, Paper Mart is known to offer the solutions to such.

While some people choose to pay and let the experts do the task of gift wrapping, others that are into design and art choose to do it themselves as it can give them enjoyment by being able to practice the creative ideas in their head.

There are a lot of brilliant gift wrapping styles you can read about in various blogs or even watch in videos. You just have to be good in following instructions and definitely have a complete set of materials to go about the whole thing.

1. Be consistent by sticking to a specific theme
You want your gift to have an identity of its own. It’s always a good idea to stick to a theme or a color scheme in order for the wrapping style not to look like a combo of messy ideas. Ask yourself if it’s going to be a theme that could give a romantic feel for Valentine’s day or maybe a nautical one since your best friend had always expressed her love for sailing the sea.

2. Pick your wrapper and embellishments
After having decided the theme you would be sticking with until the very end, ask yourself what are the things that should go with this theme. If you are not just in the mood of making this important decision, wrappers with designs according to different themes are always available. But if you are more than ready to work out your fingers and make the receiver feel more loved with your effort, you can choose from the specialty wraps and do the most fun part: pick out your embellishments! For the wrapper, crepe, corrugated, or metallic film sheets are always available. For embellishments, you can’t ever go wrong with ribbons, but you will be surprised by how wide the range of materials from which your ribbon can be made! In Paper Mart, clicking on the tab for ribbons can give you the velvet, satin, metallic, lace, and a lot more. You can also stick your choice of tape to design your small package. The bottom line is – match up your choices with the personality of the receiver! Make sure not to add brightly colored flower embellishments for your gift to your brother who is a huge fan of hardcore metal.

3. Practice the wrapping style of your choice
If you won’t go with paper bags, you’ll have to do this. But the great news is it’s very easy to learn as there are a lot to choose from and definitely a playlist of videos to watch from. Some of these you can come across by visiting Pinterest, checking out Martha Stewart’s tips, or simply just typing out the keywords in Youtube.