The Benefits Of Illustrated Maps To People

Ever since the invention and use of map in the history of mankind, there is no denying the value it has to humans. Even during the time of our ancestors, map is already being used though a more primitive kind. These maps are so different from the maps used in the modern times. This is thanks to technological innovations that made it possible to have maps that are full of illustrations and user friendly. These maps are now available online courtesy of various map makers. One of the greatest advantage that one can get from having an illustrated map with them while travelling is that they will feel less isolated and alone in a place they are not familiar with since they have a handy guide to refer to when needed.

Unlike the regular road maps used, illustrated maps are usually done without giving too much importance in scaling – in fact, it is often overlooked. Using scales on illustrated maps are not possible since it will take more time to make and the amount of space required is endless. Thus it is the most notable practice of illustrated map makers – to take scaling for granted.

A typical illustrated map is made with the help of a sketching table, paint, pens and paper. All of these things are necessary in order for the artist to create the territory’s rough sketch. The first sketch is usually not the final one as there will be quite a few, or many, changes along the way. Once everything is final and approved by the creator or the client, the map can then be made through the help of electronic painting and water colors. The map made at this point can still be altered if there are any changes needed. This task is quite easy with the help of layers and groups. Map illustrations are not just a powerful tool in helping viewers get to wherever they need to go but it is also created more artistically which makes the final outcome more appealing to the human eyes.