The Incredible Super Heroes

The Incredible Super HeroesGrowing up, you always get excited to buy that superhero magazine or you can’t wait to turn on your television and catch up with the newest episode of your favorite super hero show. Once super hero movies are up for show in theaters, it usually is a blockbuster hit. Even adults line up to watch.

So who is your favorite super hero? Below is a list of famous super heroes to jumpstart that memory.

• Spiderman

The young lad who was bitten by a genetically mutated spider who then became the incredible Spiderman. Peter Parker lost his parents early and grew up with his grandparents. The line that resonates from Spiderman movies was that from his Uncle Ben: With great power comes great responsibility.

Behind the mask of Spiderman is a young boy struggling with relationships and grieving the loss of those close to him. He is able to fight his demons and defends his city from monsters and robbers with his acquired mutant abilities.

• The Wolverine

The ferocious mutant is one of the beloved super hero characters. Logan, as Wolverine is commonly known, has super strength and healing powers. He survived and lived the nuclear attacks of Japan and lives with fellow mutants in Professor X’s mansion.

• Superman

Who would not love superman? He is the muscular guy from planet Krypton with such incredible strength and who has the ability to fly. The only weakness: kryptonite. Every time he gets near the stone, his powers weaken. He is not invincible after all. He has godlike powers and characteristics yet at the same time, he shares the woes and happiness of most human beings.

• Batman

He is the defender of Gotham. The hooded masked man known as Bruce Wayne battles crime and offenders of his beloved city. Every time his city needed his help, he never fails the people of Gotham. He has his own personal conflicts but always upholds moral standards.

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