The Rewarding Experience Of Living In Isolated Perth

I decided to spend a few years in Perth after I was captivated by the geographical isolation of the island. Perth is actually a large city and well populated but it is so isolated that it is often difficult to think of it as a part of Australia. During my first year in Perth, the prices of goods were significantly high but with economic progress and the vast supply of minerals, prices started to stabilize. Display homes for sale started to appear near the coastline and soon enough the economy started to thrive.

I actually believed that I would be living in Perth for a few years but it looks like I will be staying here forever. I think I better start looking at display homes for sale which are definitely cheaper than its counterparts in Melbourne and Sydney. In fact, Perth was considered by the Economist Intelligence Unit as one of the most livable cities of the world in 2014. Many may not agree to this conclusion particularly those who do not like isolation but Perth is exactly right for me.

However, isolation does not mean I will be bored to death because there are so many activities in Perth. It is also the most ideal place for nature lovers who will enjoy looking at quokkas. I love swimming but I often surf when there are good waves. Perth has a magnificent coastline and there is no dearth for beautiful beaches where you can sunbathe and get a good tan.

Perth is hot for the most part but it is summer with 10 hours of daytime. I have also experienced bad winters in Perth with high winds and fierce storms. Certain areas will be flooded especially those near Swan River. During winter, my friends and I would stay indoors at one of the houses, drink beer and order pizza. If we want some party time, we can simply enjoy the nightlife in Northbridge.

My life in Perth has been a rewarding experience and though it is a lot different from what I was accustomed to, I find the relaxed atmosphere more appealing.