The Usual Styles For Funeral Services

There is somehow a difference in funerals for every religious belief and culture.

Currently, people commemorate a loved one’s death in various ways. For a conventional funeral service, this takes place with the presence of a casketed body, while in a memorial service, the body of a deceased loved one is not present. These services normally take place at funeral homes, churches, chapels, or other places of worship. Sometimes, the funeral services take place at a graveside.

A conventional funeral service

The services usually involve:

  • One or several visitations in which the mourners gather, and the body is presented in a closed or an open casket in order to express the condolences.
  • A service that will honour the life of a loved one, and the body is presented in a closed or an open casket.
  • A procession going to the cemetery, where the other ceremonies and the burial are going to take place.

A memorial service

A memorial service honours the life of a loved one, and the body is not present. This is normally after a cremation or a burial, or when a body has not yet been recovered, being lost at sea as an example.

A combination of a traditional service and a memorial service

The two types of services, where a visitation and service having the body present, and a number of memorial services without the presence of the body, may be arranged in order to honour the life of a loved one. As an example, a memorial service can take place for the mourners that live in the other cities, or a memorial service that honours a public figure where a previous private service took place.

A graveside service

Often times, a commemorative service takes place at a cemetery, in either next to a grave or inside a chapel, which is immediately before a burial.

A non-commemorative funeral

This is also called a direct disposition. A non-commemorative funeral happens when a deceased is cremated, buried, or donated for study in medical science, with no formal service to honour the life which has passed.

Summing up

However, a family wants to commemorate their loved one, surely the Funeral Directors in Mandurah or in other parts of the world can help with organizing the service for them.