Things To Remember Before Booking At Low-Cost Carriers

Thailand has always been a backpacker’s paradise because of cheap accommodations and food. Years ago, a decent room can be booked for a few dollars and even with the rising costs of tourism-associated products and services it is still quite easy to find budget accommodation in Bangkok. Even the 5-star brands cost less compared to other countries like Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong.

One of the ways a traveller can cut costs when travelling is to book a flight with a budget airline. Sometimes the cost of the flight is too good to be true. However, it is important to know more about the airline before you book.

  1. Confirm whether the connecting flight will actually take you and your luggage all the way through on the single booking. There is nothing worse than realizing that there is not enough time between flights to go to immigration and then collect your luggage to board another flight.
  2. Prior to booking, know enough about baggage allowance particularly if you are planning to book with a low-cost carrier. Determine the weight allowed for baggage that can you take on board. This is very important if there are little kids travelling with you because the pram, stroller and car seat might not be included in the baggage allowance. Know how much the airline charges for extra baggage because it might be more than you expected.
  3. Booking in a low-cost carrier means you cannot expect pillows, blankets or free snacks. The personal amenities and luxuries that you have come to expect from other airlines are sorely missing in budget airlines.
  4. Since some carriers operate from different airports, make sure that your arrival location will not be on an obscure airport that is quite far from your hotel. If you have kids, you might as well book for airport transfer to avoid the queue at the airports.

Even if Bangkok is a popular tourist destination, you have no worries when it comes to accommodation. Good value for the price paid can be enjoyed at budget accommodation in Bangkok. If you are not satisfied with the room you have booked, there is free upgrade to the next category.