Things Yoga Does To Your Body You Probably Didn’t Know About

A lot of people know about yoga but most of them don’t really know what it’s all about. When people think of yoga, all they see is people in twisted, uncomfortable positions, all aiming to be pretzels. Sometimes they visualize highly attractive women, or men in tight yoga pants and sleazy tops. But those don’t exactly represent yoga in a justifiable way. Yoga is so much more than that.

Yoga is an ancient art form that has withstood the hands of time. The 5,000 year old discipline is focused on giving harmony to the mind and body through meditation along with effective breathing techniques and a succession of postures called asanas. Know that there isn’t just a single type of yoga. Over the years, yoga has developed into a diverse art form with many styles branching out to provide different disciplines.

If you’ve been practicing yoga, you are probably aware of the benefits that it can offer you but what about the benefits that you don’t know about? There are lots of things that yoga does to the body that you probably didn’t know about. Here are some of them.

  1. Yoga is also good for your digestion as there are many postures and twists that help massage your internal organs, especially those in your digestive system that improves all these organs’ functions.
  2. Food Cravings. People crave for food even when they don’t need it. Through yoga you’d be able to fight the urge to eat because food cravings are tied to the mind and yoga helps you become mindful of your eating habits through breath awareness.
  3. Brain Function. Yoga synchs your body movements with conscious breath and that creates equilibrium in the mind making you feel less stressed and more focused which ultimately improves brain function.
  4. Yoga makes you a better lover and better in bed. Through yoga you become more flexible, and the release of hormones is sped up which ultimately improves arousal and erection. Yoga also helps reduce anxiety and gives you more body awareness and confidence. So if you’re up for some hot and steamy bed sessions, you may want to practice further in Chiang Mai yoga.