Tips And Tricks For Signage Design

From the classic neon signs, to the more exotic window signs, to the blade signs famous for sticking out of buildings, good signage and exceptional environmental marketing do a lot to attract and welcome visitors and customers to shops across the world.

But making good shop signage in Sydney or anywhere else, for that matter, is easier said than done. Or maybe not.  There are companies across the world that make their names and fortunes on good signage design. They know that it’s excellence that’s truly worth striving for, not perfection. Perfect isn’t a realistic goal, but finding something that works for you is. Now, everyone’s got their tastes, their opinions, and the like, but there are certain ideas that always get mentioned, whether it shop signage in Sydney, New York, or London.

Here are some of them.

The Right Info.

One of the most important things to have in signage is for it to say everything people need it to say. Successful signage say everything they need to say to people to get them interested, without any deficiencies or superfluous fluff.


The other key basic aspect of good signage, a sign that tells everything you need it to won’t matter if people don’t look to it because of shoddy aesthetics. Yes, aesthetically unpleasing signs can certainly function, communicating to potential  customers the info you and they want, aesthetically superior signs do that, and engage viewers more strongly, meaning they’re far more likely to enter your doors.

Is it legible?

This one should really go without saying. A sign is designed for either navigation or identification; it has to communicate information. And what do you need for proper communication? Understanding. If your customers can’t read your signage, all those aesthetically pleasing elements it has isn’t going to do squat.

It represents you.

A sign is more than just a sign; you could call it the metaphorical hand of your business, shaking people’s hands as you welcome them. Weird, I know, but it’s not wrong. The signage has to accurately represent your brand, it has to be connected to your business: people not only have to see your sign as useful and aesthetically pleasing, they have to recognize your company, your brand whenever they see it.