Tips For First Time Travelers In Thailand

Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches, delicious street food and world-class entertainment but for first timers in the kingdom, there is so much more to learn about the country. After you have booked your ticket and reserved a room from a modern hotel in Bangkok, it is time to research about tips on how to make the most of your trip.

If you are looking for the original paradise featured in books and movies two decades ago, you will be disappointed as most of these places are already commercialized and crowded with tourists. Do not be disappointed though because Thailand holds a lot of hidden gem, just waiting to be discovered by the adventurous spirits. Get out of the tourist trail and explore other places.

Be prepared with the traffic in Bangkok because it is not one of the best parts of the country. In fact, data revealed that 80 lives are claimed by road accidents on a daily basis. A big part of this number is due to tourists with no license and drunk driving.

You may have tried Thai food before but you will be surprise at how good it actually is in Thailand. You have a lot of options in terms of local foods and you will be amazed by the ingredients and spices used in one dish alone. Take note that there are exotic choices as well which might not be to your liking especially if you order from a menu without English translation. Dishes such as GoongTen, which is a salad with live shrimp, and Kai Yiew Ma, which is preserved eggs using horse urine, are good examples of foods to avoid.

There are only certain times of the day when you can purchase liquor legally. Purchase can be made from 11 AM to 2 PM and 5 PM until 12 midnight.

If you are to choose an accommodation, go for a modern hotel in Bangkok because you are sure all their employees can speak or understand English. The local language can be quite complicated and learning the basics within a few weeks can be very challenging.