Tips To Take Care Of Your Lawn And Make It Appear Healthy And Fresh

A beautiful garden with green lawn enhances the aesthetic value of a home. Proper landscaping provides the home with a magnificent look, the owners will be proud of. Landscaping includes garden, driveways, pavements, fencing, designing water bodies and many other important aspects.

I have followed these practices to make my lawn the best in the neighborhood. All the tips are easy and simple to follow with the correct equipment bought from Greenside Landscaping, Bristol.

  1. The look of the lawn depends on how healthy the grass looks. Plenty of water and nutrients are required for proper growth of the grass and they should be able to reach down to the roots of the grass for a healthy and green looking grass. The best method to achieve this is to aerate the lawn. Be careful not to run over the sprinklers while aerating the lawn. If you cannot do it, hire some experts to do this job for you.
  2. Let the grass grow and do not trim it frequently. If the blades are cut too short, there will be more weeds and patches in the lawn. Excessive and frequent cutting makes the roots die, burns out the blades and gives a white coloring to them. There is no doubt well-manicured grass looks beautiful, but it does not mean you have to cut it frequently.
  3. Water the lawn either in the early morning or the late evening. Watering the lawn in the afternoon is of no use as the water evaporates into the atmosphere instead of reaching the roots. The grass will die in spite of regular watering, if you do it in the afternoons.
  4. Use a good quality Lawnmower. The mower should have sharp blades for effective manicure of the lawn. Worn out and dull blades make your lawn appear dry and patchy.

These are the simple tips I follow to take care of my beautiful lawn. If you do not have the time and expertise needed to maintain your lawn, hire a good company like Greenside Landscaping, Bristol to take care of your lawn in an efficient manner.