Top 8 Destinations For Beach Weddings

Here is a list of the top destinations for beach weddings. From the remote beaches in Fiji to the island resorts found in Sri Lanka, it is up to you to take your pick from the list.


  1. Fiji


Fiji has over 333 islands that you can choose from. You will be spoiled for options when choosing a wedding venue here. The hotels in Fiji can arrange even the smallest wedding details for you. So, it is very hassle free for you and your guests.


  1. Hawaii


This is one the best places when it comes to a destination wedding. It is also a popular destination for couples from the US. Like Fiji, Hawaii has many perfect resorts to choose from. However, head to Honolulu or Maui for remote locations.

  1. Thailand


If you’re heading abroad with a big guest list, head over to Thailand. Thailand has a spectacular scenery. You and your family/friends can even go to a nearby destination like Phuket and spend it on a Luxury Spa Resort in Kata after the wedding.


  1. Bali


Even though Bali is known for its nightlife rather than the romantic culture, it is a beautiful place to hold a wedding in. Choosing to wed beachside or on a mountain gets you stunning scenery and friendly locals.

  1. Mauritius


This is the epitome of a wedding or a honeymoon destination. Mauritius has a lot of dreamy beaches, white sand stretches and perfect hotels. It is pretty far but is a must for luxury holidays.


  1. Sri Lanka


This island sits on India’s southern end. Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise filled with palm-fringed beaches. There are a variety of resorts and hotels to choose from both affordable and luxurious that will help you achieve a wedding package for this destination.


  1. Italy


Italy is timeless. It has beautiful cathedrals, churches and castles in the country. Amalfi and Maratea are beautiful venues for weddings complete with breathtaking views plus luxury hotels.

  1. Cambodia


Thailand is not the only destination wedding location in Southeast Asia. Cambodia actually has an edge over Thailand. If an ultra exclusive beach is what you are looking for, check out what Cambodia has to offer.