Travel Time: Da Nang Weather

When you’re traveling abroad, it’s important to know where you’re going. Not just the tourist spots or the dangers, or the culture, but also the weather. The season. The climate. That can decide whether your vacation is great, or just plain unsatisfactory. For those with a reservation for a hotel in Danang, here’s the info you need so your vacation doesn’t leave you feeling hung and dry.

  • General Info
    • Vietnam and its cities are located in Southeast Asia, meaning their tropical in climate with some monsoons to go about breaking the monotony of the mild temperatures that dominate the year.
  • Seasons
    • As a Southeast Asian country, Vietnam has a monsoon season, a period marked by high heat and rain. Lots and lots of rain. An umbrella is practically necessary during this timeframe, which falls around September and ends at about March. The temperature can fluctuate from as low 18 degrees Celsius, to the warmer 31 degree range. There have been some flooding in the past, but those are the more spectacular cases of turbulent weather.

      The dry season is from April to August, where the heat kicks up and the humidity sets in, with average temperature around 35 degrees Celsius, especially around the time between the months of May and September. If you’re visiting for the summer weather, be warned. Around this time is when the locals flock to Da Nang, meaning that this timeframe is when the crowds are largest and the traffic thickest.

  • Best Time for a Visit?
    • The best time to reserve for a hotel in Danang is around February to May. This is when the climate’s making its transition, allowing for just the right weather for tourists to go out, and soak in the sights on foot or motorcycle with neither the risk of heat stroke from the scorching heat or flu from the pouring monsoon rain. The water temperature, sitting at about 25 degrees Celsius, makes for the perfect beachside weather, great for soaking up some vitamin D and relaxing at the beach, or just hanging out in that hotel in Danang.