Web Design Features That Are Critical For an Online Store

A website for an online store should go beyond being attractive; it should be able to lead potential customers to the products they are looking for. Web design must gain the trust and confidence of consumers to encourage them to choose items for their shopping cart. It is critical to gain the trust of consumers; otherwise, all the efforts at web design will be wasted.

One important feature of web design is navigation. There is no standard set of rules to be followed to generate user friendly navigation but there must be a clear path from the landing page all the way to the checkout. Categories should be organized with sub-categories so that potential customers can quickly find the information they are looking for.

The overwhelming growth of smartphone and computer tablets in this generation has changed web design strategies. In simple words, websites must be accessible from any platform that the consumer chooses to use. The growing trend is to make web design responsive so that it will automatically adjust to the smaller screens of mobile devices. If an online store does not go with trend, it will certainly miss the opportunity to interact with mobile users. Take note people nowadays prefer to do online transactions while on the go.

Loading speed is very important to online customers. Nobody waits for a website to load because it is very easy to transfer the search to another site. If the website does not load in 3 seconds, the potential customer leaves the site and this can adversely affect your conversion rates. Eye-catching images can easily gain attention but the challenge is loading time. Images have to be compressed so that they do not affect the website’s loading speed.

Your site will reflect your brand’s personality and this means choosing a design that will be consistent with the brand image. For example, if you are offering home renovation services, web design must different from a fashion website. To make sure that your online customers will find your site when they search through Google, you can opt for http://www.perth-web-design.com.au/. Your site will be custom-designed to suit your requirements.