Weird Ways To Use Magnets

They’re on your fridge, they’re on your clothes; they’re in a lot of places. Magnets are a common sight in modern times, with many magnets in Brisbane and across the world making lives more convenient in their tiny little ways. The little buggers have a lot of uses, some of them fairly strange.

You don’t even need anything particularly strong magnets, that’s the beauty of them. Here’s some strange, yet practical uses for your magnets.

Makeshift compass

Finding out where the true north is, that’s something you need in case you get lost. There are ways to do this, like paying attention to where the sun rises, and extrapolating from that, or looking for Polaris, the North Star. The problem is that you need clear skies for this, and night time for the latter. In such a scenario, magnets can help you. Take a cork, a straight pin and some water; rub the pin across your magnet 50 times in the same direction, then push the pin through the cork, then place that into water, and you have your makeshift compass, which will always point north.

Saving things from a drain.

It’s hard when things fall down your drain, especially when it’s something particularly valuable, like a wedding ring. Thankfully, if you have some extra magnets in Brisbane and some rope or twine, then you can get it back without risking your hand by sticking it into the drain. Tie a strong magnet with twine or small rope, then lower that into the drain, then, once it grabs whatever you’re hunting for, slowly pull the magnet up, taking the metal item up.

Getting jammed batteries out.

We have all been there; needing to remove a jammed battery from a remote or a toy. It can be a waste of time and a pain in the hands, but a magnet can work wonders to deal with it. Any decently strong magnet should be able to pull those stuck batteries out of their slot, just make sure it’s not the kind of magnet that does damage to electronics.

Designing with magnetized paint and polish.

There’s a new thing for paint and interior design; it’s called magnetic paint, which is primer that has particles of iron dust into it, which allows it to magnetize wall spaces to create a fun ‘board’ of sorts for stuff you need. If you’re going for that, use lots of primer and cover it with two coats max, since each coat will lower the primer’s magnetism. Another new thing is magnetic nail polish, which is pretty much the same, but for nails. For some strange and fun patterns on your nails, simply hover a magnet over your freshly painted nails and see what pops.