What Is The Ideal Swimwear For A Female Surfer?

It is safe to say that women are indeed an important part of surf culture. Women are responsible for purchasing 503.8 million worth of surfing and skate merchandise making it the 4th largest surf/skate associated market behind shoes, male clothes and surfboards. Women also buy surfboards and shoes because they are serious about the sport, not merely to flaunt their beautiful and curvaceous bodies.

In a 2008 New York Times article, Matt Warshaw said that there are about five million people all over the world who surf and 10% to 15% are women. However, it has become pretty standard to get a modeling photo of a female surfer where each lady is given a specific theme to be interpreted. Sometimes, it is no longer promoting female surfing but the women itself. The message it sends is the beauty, sex appeal and how good the female surfer looks on a bikini.

What kind of swimwear must a female use when surfing? Surfing bathing suits must belong to a different category from what is ordinarily used for swimming or sun bathing. Magazines and movies portray female surfers in the tiniest of bikinis which is okay for a photo shoot or a video; however, for high level surfing, a bikini seems impractical.

When learning to surf, it is important to choose a bathing suit that won’t come off during extreme conditions. While looking good can be priority, it is also important to be safe and decent. An amateur surfer spends a lot of time in the water and a bikini might not survive the ordeal.

When it comes down to choosing a bathing suit you will use to surf consider your body type, size and how much skin you want to show. It will usually require more fabric and not a teeny-weeny bikini that can easily get lost while surfing.

There are actually some great pieces from girl’s surf swimwear in Sydney that are not extremely sexy but functional. A collection of swimwear has been designed for the new generation of women who have an active sports life. You have a choice from the fashionable and chic with secure fit.