What To Avoid When Web Designing

Perth website design has a team of experts when it comes to creating a website that will effectively lure people into getting the company’s services. But becoming a formidable force in the web design industry takes a lot of experience and knowledge in order to carry out a web design service to perfection. These experts have committed mistakes in the past and bounced back from it. Here are some of the common mistakes by amateur web designers that you should avoid.

  • Not accessible. Accessibility of your website means the ease of users in accessing your website. This can refer to the array of equipments, browsers and operating systems that the surfers are using when accessing the web. Here are some considerations: can the font size of the text in your website be changed so that visually impaired people can enjoy their browsing? Will the page layout of your website fall apart whenever a site visitor attempts to change the size of texts? What will your website look like when it is accessed from a mobile phone or other gadgets?
  • Avoid incorporating questions which are not really frequently asked in your FAQ page. A lot of website users are irritated by the questions in the frequently asked question page which are irrelevant. As a matter of fact, most websites get rid of this page and instead updated the content of their webpage in order to provide the necessary information that readers want to learn. The point is that the content of every page in your website should be relatable to the information sought after by the visitor.
  • Contact information cannot be located. There are still hundreds or if not thousands of websites out there with contact information that is difficult to locate. If you are operating as a small and medium enterprise, strategically positioning your contact information where it can be easily located is critical to the success of your business. The contact information will provide a link to reality and give customers confidence that the business presented is legit and not a scam.
  • Avoid placing “Click Here to Enter Site”. Do not waste the time of your browsers, instead show them your homepage immediately.
  • In any website, the audio should be used sparingly and it should never be automatically played when someone browses your website. Great sites that use audios will ask the site navigator to click a play icon.