What To Do When In Arizona

If you are planning a road trip to Arizona, you should prepare beforehand the list of things you want to do to make the most of your trip there. It is also recommended to pick up an Arizona illustrated map along the way in order to get to know the landmarks that are worth seeing in the area. You can also search online and read about the recommendations of people who have visited Arizona before. Here a few things you should add on your to-do list while in Arizona.

Visit the Grand Canyon. This landmark is known all over the globe because of its picturesque location. This is often seen in post cards thus your trip will never be complete without visiting the majestic canyon. The location is quite remote because one has to travel 80 miles in order to visit the nearest towns. Tourists are advised to stay within the Grand Canyon Village to experience the historic town which was established in 1901.

Drop by Monument Valley. This is located in the northeastern part of Arizona and offers quite a landscape for travelers. Marvel at the new world that you will be able to see as you set foot in Monument Valley. If you are an explorer by heart, you should set foot and find the canyon chosen by ancient civilization as their dwelling place. A secret gem lies in the lands inhabited by the people of Hopi and Navajo.

Check out Lake Powell. This is one of the tourist spots in Arizona that welcomes tourists all throughout the year since the climate is always warm around the desert. During the winter season, travelers prefer to ride the houseboat and enjoy the sun while lounging on deck. For summer months where the temperature can rise as high as 100 degrees, it is best to enjoy the cool water that the lake has to offer.

Marvel at the San Xavier del Bac. If you have seen an Arizona illustrated map, you might have seen San Xavier del Bac as one of the landscapes. The church is the oldest structure constructed by the Europeans in Arizona which features the baroque architecture from Mexico.