What to Prepare When You Visit La Gomera

La Gomera is one of the smallest islands of Canary in the northwest coast of Africa. Having a sub-tropical climate makes the place a favorite tourist destination by those who want to escape the biting winter in their home countries. La Gomera is surrounded by calm, blue waters and is rich with lush volcanic mountains that are ideal for trail biking or hiking and other outdoor activities. Staying in La Gomera will not bore you in any way because the place offers various activities involving the waters, mountains and outdoors, in general.  If you are planning to visit La Gomera and experience lots of sun and fresh air, you should then prepare for it and do the following tips:

Plan your activities

In order to maximize your time in La Gomera, plan your days well. Come up with an itinerary which includes the activities that you want to do in the island. To help you on this, make a research on the activities offered in the island. If you are into mountain biking, find out if there are mountain bikes that you can rent or if you need to take a mountain bike with you. If you have already booked in a hotel, visit their website and find out what activities you can engage in while in the island.

Prepare light and comfortable clothes

Take note that you are going to visit La Gomera; a sub-tropical area so for awhile, forget about your thick winter jackets and take along light and comfortable clothes with you. The place invites you to bask in the sun and engage in outdoor activities so pack a handful of comfortable clothing such as short pants, sleeveless, cotton shirts, slippers and other clothing materials that promote comfort.

Take personal necessities

When you visit La Gomera, make sure that you take along some important items. Keep a small bag for your personal necessities such as sun block, hydrating lotions, moisturizers and hand sanitizers. If you are thinking about doing a trail hike, make sure that take an insect repellent with you.