Where The Sarcastic Trend Of Ugly Sweaters Originated From

According to statistics published by the Wall Street Journal, the peak of popularity of the mass-market for ugly Christmas sweater was in the 1980s. This was the time when people modestly and earnestly wore the sweaters without any additions of hideous stuff to make the wardrobe look awful.

It was in year 2001 that the spirit of the ugly Christmas sweater was revived once more during a party trend in Vancouver, Canada. This was according to a book written by three men however, they also told the public that they can never really be certain who first held the first ever ugly Christmas sweater party. The author of the book dubbed as “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book: The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Ugly On” also gave out at least 150 pages full of advice when throwing an ugly sweater party. The guide though can be summed up in one sentence: “Tell the party goers to wear the most hideous sweater.”

Since that time, the ugly Christmas sweaters themed party has earned respect and is among the most desired parties according to a list of the stuff that most white people like to do. The list was published in 2008 where the author wrote that the greatest challenge in preparing for an ugly Christmas sweater party is in looking for the appropriate gaudy sweater to wear. If you will be invited to this kind of party, you need to prepare. People will pour in their time and effort in looking for an ugly sweater in thrift stores or online and when they are not satisfied with the design, they customize these and add stuffs that will make the sweater look more hideous.

There are plenty of companies that have jumped in the bandwagon. Business establishments like Caribou Coffee are now offering ugly sweater kits where customers can make their own style for their sweater. Users can even design their own sweaters through social media like Facebook. The company is also looking out to give to less fortunate people for every sweater that their client designs. This is indeed celebrating the holiday season with humor and warm giving.