Where To Start Marquee Hire In Sydney

Getting a Marquee Hire in Sydney for your special occasion is not a difficult process. You only have to consider a few things to rent the perfect marquee for your event. If this is the first time that you are going to rent a marquee, take a look at this simple guide.

How much is a marquee rental?

The price of marquee for rent varies depending on its size and material. A marquee’s rental price ranges from around $520 to $2,800. There are also marquees that can be rented at $121 but they are for drinks and souvenir booths. The prices are inclusive of delivery and set up. For additional accessories and needs such as lighting, marquee lining, flooring, etc., you would have to add extra amount for it. The easiest way to determine the amount you to need to budget for the marquee rental, request for quotes from different service providers.

What marquee size do I need?

To estimate the size of the Marquee Hire in Sydney, consider the number of your expected guests. You should also consider the equipment and items that would consume space such as the tables, dance floor, presidential table, table for food serving, bar and drink dispenser area and other aspects. Check your confirmed guests and provide buffer tables and chairs just in case some guests turn up unexpectedly.

How do I go with the hiring process?

Hiring a marquee is simple. All you have to do is look for a company that offers party needs then request for a free quote. Some of these companies would be happy to do site inspection without any obligation on your part. They will inspect and provide suggestions on the most suitable marquee considering your space and the physical attributes of the area where you intend to put the marquee.  After that, the company for Marquee Hire in Sydney will send you a free quote and if you are amenable with the price and conditions, confirm the booking. They will set up the marquee a day before the event and will take it down the following day after.