Where To Stay When You Are In Bangkok

Like most other cities, Bangkok is quite huge with traffic problems and pollution. When you are caught in traffic, you feel that it is very unlikely to reach your destination. Every minute becomes very stressing. Bangkok is not different from other populous cities all over the world. This is the reason why most people who are familiar with Bangkok suggest booking accommodation near the subway or the Skytrain.

You can say goodbye to traffic in Bangkok by using the city’s underground train or Skytrain. You can also try the river taxi to explore the riverside area. The traffic situation in Bangkok get worse in the early afternoon until late evening which means you have to avoid taking the taxi. If your trip to Bangkok will only last from 2 to 4 days, it makes sense to live near Khao San Road which is not very far from the harbour. Khao San hosts numerous bars and clubs to experience the city’s kind of nightlife.

If your stay in Bangkok is a little bit longer, you might as well seek for accommodation along Sukhumvit where you can find modern and luxurious hotels for an affordable price. You can also find high end restaurants and sky bars on the area. It is also well connected to public transport system meaning you do not have to experience Bangkok traffic if you are headingto a shopping mall or night time entertainment

If the reason for travel is business and you value your time, your best option is the neighbourhood of Phaya Thai and Victoria monument where you can find the main transport hub of the city. When the trip is only for a few days, every minute will count so that you will enjoy the sights of the city, go shopping for souvenirs, visit the temples and experience the famous street food.

From the subway entrance, the Sathron hotel in Bangkok is just a 2-minute walk away and 500 meters away from entrance to the expressway. This is the gateway to Suvarnabhumi Airport and most of Bangkok’s areas. If you take the expressway, youcan travel to various parts of the city with ease and convenience.