Why A Single Home Is The Best Option For Your Family

If you will take a bus, it will take you between 30 to 60 minutes to reach Rangsit from Bangkok. The journey will depend upon on how heavy the traffic will be and the speed of the bus. Investing in a Single home in Rangsit is a wise decision because it is host to more than a dozen institutes for higher education, large shopping malls, retail stores operated by local merchants and fresh produce markets.

Generally, Rangsit is a quiet city even if it is has a large population of locals and students. It is also a nice place for a relaxing holiday with different hotels that range from the budget to 4 or 5-star hotels. The general atmosphere is mostly suburban with huge shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores and a huge flea market.

If you are planning to invest in property, the best option is the single family home because of privacy, maintenance and value. Single detached homes usually have a small garden that can be used as an extension of the living space. Privacy is enhanced because there is a buffer from neighbouring properties. What you choose to do with the outdoor space is your own decision and does not depend on the approval of neighbours.

Resale value of single-family homes is generally higher than other types of properties particularly if you have made the effort to ensure its good condition. Outdoor space can be landscaped for curb appeal or the house itself can be remodelled to attract homebuyers. However, demand is always high for single family homes because they are relatively cheaper than apartments or condos. Single homes can always be customized without consulting a property manager and other tenants whether they agree with the idea.

If you have a child who will be going to college soon, your best investment is Single home in Rangsit that is considered as university town. The most popular universities include the Asian Institute of Technology, Muay Thai Institute for both local and foreign students, Rangsit University which is one of Thailand’s largest universities and University Studies Abroad Consortium for international students.