Why Content Is King

We’ve heard it before; “content is king”. The phrase, popularized by a Bill Gates essay published in ’96. The essay had Bill Gates liken the internet to a photocopier for ideas, wherein content can be distributed to an audience, no matter how large, at cheap pricing. He stated that the internet would change things, seeing as any company or business could participate, no matter how small they were.

Fast forward 20 (Okay, 21) years, and how has the phrase held up?

If you ask any content marketing consultant worth their salt, they’ll say it held up quite well. Content marketing isn’t exactly new; it’s been around quite a bit. The thing is, it wasn’t until recent times that it became important. With recent technologies altering the market as they go, just why is content king?

  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which does what the name suggests it does. Unique content published on a regular basis, usually around 300-500 words with well-placed links and keywords makes a website rank higher with its SEO. The higher the SEO, the more likely the site will show up on the first page of search results, which attracts traffic to the site, which, in turn, generates customers and profit.
  • Engagement. Good content makes a brand worth noticing and engaging with. In the massive chasm that is the bowels of cyberspace, the forgotten, uninspired, un-engaging content lie. Great content will generate traffic for a long time; they’ll entice customers to patronize, understand, and maybe even advertise for free: word of mouth is a great way to advertise cheaply. Any content marketing consultant, hell, any businessperson will tell you, being communicable to your customers is a great way to ensure brand loyalty, people, after all, tend to stick with whoever reciprocates.
  • Writing good content allows for advertisement, without coming across as ham-fisted. By this we mean, you’re talking about your product/service in a way that feels natural, and not like something pulled right out of a commercial. This makes the customer more open to your input, and also allows you to pick up ideas from your customers.
  • Adding value to your site via good content is a good idea. Offering ideas, advices and tips to your customers allows you to advertise (as usual), whilst helping your customers. This fosters the brand-customer relationship, which means that customers are more like to stay with your brand for longer.