Why You Need The Best Health Insurance In Thailand

As an expat living in Thailand, you need to own a good health insurance to cover in times of sickness. Even if you’re taking care of yourself like eating right and exercising, it’s still possible to get sick and will need some medical attention from a physician. As living in Thailand is no exemption from getting sick, you need to find the best health insurance in Thailand for coverage.  You also need to know what the options are available for tourists and where to get the best healthcare facilities. However, in Thailand, you get plenty of options as some doctors and healthcare facilities are now covered by a healthcare insurance.

Why You Should Be Familiar with Health Insurance in Thailand?

It is mandatory for most expats and those legally working to have the best health insurance in Thailand for coverage. One option can be coursed through the social security, where the government subtracts 5% of the monthly salary, and have the expats allowed to free medical consultations and medicines when they visit a government hospital. However, it can entail more sacrifices as government hospitals are usually jampacked with patients, have long queues, and the medicines given are generic.

To have a better option, one may need a private health insurance, to provide better access to healthcare services in private hospitals. They usually come in a variety of options and can even be offered international health insurance just when they happen to be abroad.

How You Can Apply for Health Insurance

If you want to be covered by the best health insurance in Thailand, you can apply to your chosen provider and sign-up for it. You need to submit all the requirements needed, and if they say you are qualified, you will be given a health card, which you can use as identification for all the medical services you need to avail.

If you are covered by social security, you can get free healthcare in government hospitals. If you don’t have this or the best health insurance in Thailand, a doctor’s fee will surely not hurt your pockets. You can surely see the benefits of living in Thailand as the healthcare services are so affordable. Doctors working for a hospital or private clinic will only cost you around 800 baht to 1500 baht per session.